The incredible benefits of drinking enough water

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Water is life, there is no way around this fact. We have been so conditioned to believe that water tastes bad, that it is overrated or that we can get our water from other beverages during our days.

These sentiments are simply not true, water is so very important to our health and it is well known that drinking enough water, this being a minimum of 2l/ 8 cups per day, can change your life.

Before we dive into the amazing benefits of religiously drinking enough water each day, let us go into a few rational ideas to change our opinion of water.

Water tastes bad

This misconception is widely considered as a norm around the world today, as we are offered a vast selection of ‘alternatives’ to water every day, as well as methods of making water taste better.

The true reason for water tasting ‘bad’ is not that it tastes bad on its own, per say. It is rather a problem with our taste buds and how they have developed from childhood. You see, many of us grow up indulging in sugar, in all of its various forms, sugar in turn creates a bias in our taste buds as well as slightly numbing our taste sense.

This bias in taste causes water in particular to taste more bitter and bland, when in reality water has a very clean and neutral taste.

So how do we get around this problem, well, we simply have to force ourselves to drink the water every day. After a while, you will find that it becomes easier and you will start to crave and enjoy water as your body will relish in the benefits it provides. We will talk more about techniques of getting in enough water a bit later.

In addition, start to slowly cut down on your sugar intake. This is not only great for your health, but can assist with your taste bias as well.

As an added tip, don’t try and make water taste better by adding fruit or other flavorants to it, this will just make the process more difficult. You want to drink more water to benefit your health, and so you will have to learn to love the taste of water, work at it and you will see how easy it becomes.

I get enough water through my other beverages

Again, another misconception regarding water. Yes, it is true that all other beverages contain water, this is what makes them liquid. But, do they help or hinder your health?

To gain the wonderful effects of water on the body, you have to drink pure and clean water, as the ingredients which add taste to the beverages are negative and completely cancel out the good in the water.

You should drink at least the minimum amount recommended of clean and pure water, and then add other beverages to that total. For the best results though, I would suggest replacing up to 95% of your daily beverages with water, don’t worry, assistance is on its way a bit further down in the article. The water will assist your body in properly executing its daily tasks as well as help with the removal of waste, which is crucial in your body functioning at its very best.

Avoid sugary, alcoholic and chemical rich beverages for the maximum health bump.



  1. It clears and rejuvenates your skin

With your body now being able to effectively remove the waste circulating within your body, it will no longer show up on your skin.

In addition to clearing your skin, your body will also be able to moisturize the skin naturally, keeping it healthier and more flexible.

The repairing process is given a massive boost, allowing skin to repair and replace cells, and various tissue types within the skin layers. As this is taking place from the inside out, the results are far better than any cream or beauty treatments.

Your skin will be simply out of this world.


  1. It gives you an unbelievable energy boost

Water substantially increases your metabolism, and makes the processes in your body work more efficiently. This assists with excreting toxins much faster as well as energizing your body.

Toxins can make us more lethargic and slow our body functions down, as our body tries desperately to cope with ‘putting out the fires’ caused by the toxins. Giving your body the medium it needs to flush out the toxins, will speed up the processes and release our energy much more efficiently, giving us an incredible energy boost.


  1. It clears your mind and aids concentration

Our brains are made up of  80% or more water, so it comes as no surprise that feeding your brain lots of water, will enable it to function at an increased capacity.

In addition, we can revisit the toxins and how effectively flushing them out of our brains and soft nerve tissue, will assist in increasing the brains functioning.

When our minds are working at an increased level, so too does our concentration increase, as it is easier to navigate and control our thoughts.


  1. It helps with weight loss

Water significantly increases the speed of our metabolism as well as suppresses our appetite, both aiding and speeding up the weight loss process.

Water is an appetite suppressant, because we are more often than not thirsty and not hungry when we crave foods. Hunger and thirst can be confused with one another and cause us to overeat during the day. Therefore, if you are feeling hungry, try a glass of water first, and if it was indeed thirst, the hunger should subside.

Water also fills up our stomachs, causing us to eat less at meal times.


  1. It balances out your emotions

Our emotions are conditioned through various hormone and chemical cycles within our body and its systems.

By increasing the effectiveness of our body systems and giving our toxin removal process a boost, we can create a balance in our hormone and chemical cycles and assist with calming our bodies and mind.

Having balanced emotions can improve nearly every facet of our lives, this includes better decision making, better interaction with others, better productivity and much more.


  1. It gives you a lovely sense of wellbeing

Feeling healthy gives you a wonderful sense of wellbeing, you will feel calmer and more relaxed, as your body will be able to assist you better.

With more energy and suppleness in your body, you will be able to do so much more every day, creating happiness and wellness within your life.

There is no better feeling, than feeling healthy.


  1. It saves you money

It goes without saying that water is an extremely cost-effective beverage, especially if you invest in a water filter and reuse water bottles with tap water.

Make a quick calculation of how much you spend on the various beverages in your daily life, I am sure you will be shocked at the weekly/ monthly total. Let me know how much you will be saving each week, drinking enough water, in the comments below.



As a rule of thumb, the minimum amount of water per day should equal to about 2 liters or 8 glasses, this should be in addition to all other beverages and food intake, and not be the total amount.

However you can take the following into consideration:

  • On warmer days you should significantly increase your water intake to counter the water loss of your body trying to keep cool.
  • Don’t count the water that you drink during and after exercise as part of your daily water intake, as it will most likely be utilised to cool down your body and assist in muscle repair after the exercise session.
  • If you are feeling thirsty, drink. If you are someone who follows a water schedule to get through your water intake every day, yet you are feeling thirsty (in between), rather drink an additional glass of water. Your body is craving it at that point for a reason.



There are many ways to get around this. As mentioned above, you could follow a water schedule. I personally use this method, and it has helped tremendously with my water intake. Alternatively you can keep track of your water intake each day, and adjust it as you go along. Find what works for you, as you know yourself best, know that you will have to put in effort at the start, especially if you don’t like the taste of water.

The water schedule

The best water schedule to follow is to aim to drink 500ml/ 2 glasses of water at a time, four times a day. I find this amount of water easy to drink in one sitting, and it lessens the amount of times that you have to drink your water each day.

I drink a bottle (500ml/2 glasses) in the morning before breakfast, one at lunch, one in the middle/ late afternoon and then the final bottle around 2 hours before bed.

You can tailor the schedule to your needs, and it will only be a schedule for the first week or two, after that it will become second nature and your body will crave its water at those times, making it much easier to follow over time.



You will start to feel the results in as little as two days, and you will start to see the initial results after a week or so. The real magic however, starts to come to full fruition after the first month, and it just gets better and better after that.

I will need to pee 100 times a day!

Yes, in the beginning you will have to go to the bathroom many times. However, don’t be discouraged as this will only last for about a week, after that your body will become accustomed to the routine and adjust itself accordingly, meaning less bathroom breaks during the day.

You will be completely back to normal, bathroom breaks wise, after the first week or two.


The benefits of drinking enough water will truly change your life for the better, and this is definitely a keystone habit, that once implemented will make other pursuits that much easier to conquer.

Make this one change and see the amazing results, I certainly did.

Let me know if this information helped you, and what your results have been following it.


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