Minset, goals and how it shapes your life

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Mindset, goals and how it shapes our lives

Our mindset forms the center of our beings, it follows us daily and creates the world around us.

The way we perceive the world upholds the thoughts that we allow, these thoughts are directly responsible for the life we are leading.

Most of us live a reactionary life, we are consistently reacting to the stimuli around us. We allow our lives, our mindsets to shapen by the happenings of our daily lives and the lives of those around us.
We don’t really acknowledge the power of our mindset, we regard it as a stationary, absolute with which we were born and cannot seem to change.

I believe that we need to first and foremost regard our belief system as a changeable aspect of our being. Thereafter we should tackle the belief that our mindset is an absolute, because it is actually rather malleable and we have the power to create and mold the perfect mind to create our perfect life.

Do you find pleasure in imagining your perfect life, you should. It would be amazing to live that life, to be in it and to experience it fully. It is possible to become that person, your best self, however you have to believe that you are indeed that person, just a small step away from the light.

If you can believe that your mindset is the cornerstone of your existence, then surely the logical conclusion will be that if you change your mindset, the rest of you and your life will follow.

The following are a few goals that one should seek to achieve with regard to improving your mindset:

1. Being positive

This point is what most of us struggle with. The world around us is so very negative, from the news to our promoted personal persona and how it compares to others on social media. Remaining positive can be quite the challenge.
The most effective cure would be to remove all power from negative thoughts by relieving them of emotions. Emotions are the fuel of thoughts and unfortunately negative emotions are very strong. In order for you to successfully combat negative emotions, you have to remove yourself from the equation. When you are faced with a negative thought, acknowledge it and then proceed with imagining you are an outside party observing the situation. Now it should be easier to approach the thought from a neutral unaffected perspective. It will amaze you to see just how silly some of our negative thoughts are, once judged through clear eyes.
This will take practice and plenty of willpower in the beginning, however, eventually it will be easy and negativity should plague you less and less.

2. Not reacting immediately

It is easy to react straight away when faced with an emotion inducing statement or event. This will cause an emotional response, which more often than not, will be an irrational one. To combat this, try to delay your reactions for as long as possible, a few seconds would be best. I find that just the act of taking a deep breath gives me enough tie to dampen the reactive emotion and to allow for some rational thought toward my response. Give it a try, and let me know if it succeeded in allowing for more controlled reactions.

3. Having confidence

Being confident has many advantages, as it sets one up to receive so much more from others. We tend to respond more favorably towards positively confident individuals and often feel drawn towards their presence. You could argue that as people, we are attracted to what we want to be. To build confidence, a great place to start would be to get to know one’s self. Learn about yourself, in a similar manner to how you would communicate who you are to a stranger. This can greatly assist in building your relationship with yourself, as you will be able to perceive yourself as others see you. This can help your confidence as if you remain objective and leave your insecurities at the door, you will see what others love so much about you. It is a proven fact that others see more of us than what we see in the mirror, this can produce a form a self-sabotage which hinders our growth towards positivity and confidence. Learn about yourself, and discover that amazing person that can do anything in this world, and accomplish any goal or create a dream life.

Use these mindset goals as a guide to bettering yourself and in turn your life.

If you found this post to be helpful, let me know in the comments below, I would be happy to elaborate on this topic and go into much more detail to assist you in your growth.

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