How to stay positive when the world keeps bringing you down

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How to stay positive when the world keeps bringing you down

The world is an unfair place, this is an everyday fact which we each need to accept and embrace. It is a hard pill to swallow and it can bring you down, to a place so low that you feel hopeless. Staying positive, no matter what life throws at you with these tips.

We are constantly facing images, headlines, videos and more that scream unrealistic standards at us. These can range from the impossible beauty standards imposed on women, the fact that you have to be a millionaire at 22 to feel accomplished, or the seemingly perfect relationships of couples around us.

I believe that social media has a large part to play, however in the past there were other stresses that we perhaps don’t understand, which also caused this type of anxiety.

Before we find ourselves down and out, let us dive into some quick ways to stay positive in the situations that draw us back into that ‘negative abyss’:

When you don’t feel good enough

This is a common theme in today’s world, we feel inferior to the seemingly perfect lives surrounding us. So then, how do we combat these feelings?

A simple way is to feel unique, not notice it, but really feel it. I find that to elevate my mood when I am not feeling good enough is to focus on one thing that sets me apart. In my case, it is my accent.

Coming from a very diverse country, and speaking different languages, has created a very unique accent. Sometimes it is more British, other times it sounds alien, either way it is unique and I am often remembered for how I speak.

This always makes me feel good, it is my little piece of the world and I can celebrate that.

So take some time and think about what makes you unique, what is your little thing?

Find something that makes you happy, and let yourself feel the happiness that your little thing brings, really bask in the positivity. You should start to feel better.

If you start to notice the negative things, just start smiling, force it if you have to. Then bring your unique traits back into your mind and again allow yourself to feel the goodness.

Just remember to love yourself, you were made this way for a reason, embrace that destiny.

When you don’t feel rich enough

Well, we have all been there. Looking at Instagram, wishing, and hoping to someday live in such luxury.

It is possible, for each and every one of us to have it all. Yes, it is hard, and anyone who tells you otherwise is likely selling a scam. However, just knowing that it is possible, is a fantastic step in the right direction.

If you take a look at your life, who you are, and where you come from, you will see that it isn’t hard to find someone who started out worse than your situation, and still made it big. Allow this to motivate you.

You see, belief is the starting point.

No matter how long it takes you to create wealth in your own life, don’t feel the unrealistic rush to succeed overnight. You will quickly become overwhelmed by the magnitude of trying to make a million in a single month.

Instead simply map out your goals and your wishes, and start ensuring that you work towards them each day. Spend time in your life creating that dream for yourself, follow your heart, and take action.

Taking action is the most important gift you can give yourself. No matter how you feel, just get to doing it.

Remember that all of those lavish lifestyles that you witness, more often than not, didn’t happen overnight. Yes some people have rich parents, however what will they be without their parents? Can they do it on their own? Can you?

Keep taking action, keep on moving forward. Ponder on the following:

While you are watching series, YouTube videos, reading blog posts or purchasing an item, you are the consumer and the person/ people at the other end, they are living their dreams. You are creating their dreams, they took action and are now reaping the rewards.

Similarly, when you start to take action, others will create your dream for you, by watching your videos, reading your posts or purchasing that item you worked tirelessly to create. So take action, little is better than nothing and nothing can never be something ;-).

When you are feeling overwhelmed

We often feel overwhelmed when we seem to have too much on our plates, and this feeling can be nauseating to say the least. It makes you feel like just crawling back into bed and never coming out.

Don’t fret, there are some lovely ways to help alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed by your life, or the situation that you are in.

The best place to start is to write it down, you can write out a to-do list or a few lines on what is happening and a few solutions to it. This should help you to clear your mind and focus on getting out of the mess.

Start, then by taking action, tick those items off of your list and start to focus on solving the problems you are facing. I find it easier to get things done if I just start, so promise yourself that you will at least start, and you should find yourself completing tasks by the dozen.

Another method is to look at the situation as temporary, because no matter what it is, it is generally temporary. If you look at it as a storm that you have to weather as opposed to feeling hopeless, you are much more likely to work through it. Once you start, you will see improvement, not only in your mood, but also in your methods. As we progress in life, we tend to get better and better at the things that we do on a regular basis. Therefore if you find yourself overwhelmed by work, the kids, wifey duties, friends and so much more, begin with taking action on your to-do list on a daily basis. You will find that in the beginning a specific task might take you an hour to complete, but in two weeks it might only take you 15 minutes.

Lastly, I would suggest improving upon your mindset. I strongly believe that all of our happiness, wellness and success begins in the mind and especially our mindsets.

Do a bit of reading on meditation, mindfulness and yoga. There is an endless list of helpful information regarding the mind and how to reprogram it for positivity. It is important to gain control over your mind, and you should know that it is not easy. You have to fight hard to beat all of the programming that your mind received during your childhood, through school and the onslaught of negativity in everyday life through the media and social networks.

Again, there is no need to turn away from this fight, because it is a sliding scale of effort, in the beginning it is difficult, but over time it becomes who you are and your life will reflect that back to you.

Fight for positivity, fight for a great life and glow like the beautiful diamond that you are.

Try to form good habits and make taking action a staple in your life.

I truly hope that you found value in this post.

Do you often feel overwhelmed or negative about life? Tell me your story, I would be happy to help you find that beautiful light within <3.


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