The ultimate six-step guide to always looking polished

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As I always mention, mindset is the most important factor when you are aiming to uplift or enhance any part of your life.

Firstly, don’t believe that certain things are only reserved for the rich, heiresses or models. You have to start with you, believe that you deserve everything that you wish for and that the finer things in life are for you, because you are amazing.

You can achieve any, and everything that you set your mind to.

Looking polished is described as being clean, stylish and on-point in how you dress as well as style yourself.

We so often look at the perfect woman and wonder how she manages to maintain such elegance on a daily basis. From her designer clothing, to her perfect skin and subtle jewelry, she is the epitome of class.

Let us not allow ourselves to dwell to deeply in trying to copy others, as we are amazing and can just as easily pull off a polished and sophisticated look each and every day.

Let us begin with the six-steps to always looking polished.

step One: Care

Care happens to be one of the most important steps to looking clean and polished.

Taking care of yourself

It is vital to take wonderful care of yourself. The most expensive coat or premium make-up can only hide so much, a tired and malnourished face and body are hard to miss. Eat healthy, nutritious food which promote health and wellbeing, drink plenty of water and exercise often to keep the blood moving.

In addition, a well-groomed canvas is any stylish lady’s best friend. Maintain your hair and nails, keep your skin glowing and fresh, and remove any unwanted hair.

For more tips and tricks on taking amazing care of yourself, here is my how to take the best care of YOU.

Taking care of your fashion

Garment and shoe care is also very important when it comes to flawless fashion, creased or stained clothing can look old and will never have that high-end, polished look we are aiming for.

Here are some garment care tips:

  • Ensure that you invest in a bubble-off and lint roller
  • Keep clothing fresh by taking care of how and with what you wash them
  • Ironing or steaming a garment, instantly brings it back to life
  • Invest in dry-cleaning for your more expensive pieces
  • Have any broken or worn shoes fixed by a professional

I do believe that washing is the most damaging process for clothing to undergo, therefore I would advise to take great care when washing or removing stains from your favorites.

By keeping your wardrobe well maintained and cared for, dressing up becomes much simpler. Simple, clean and fresh pieces will come together much easier. We don’t want to find ourselves spending time trying to cover up any unwanted stains, fray or worse.

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step Two: Neutrals

Neutral colors provide a beautiful canvas to style an outfit, they always look clean and polished.

Try to keep the majority of your outfit neutral, so that it is easier and more flattering to highlight one or two key pieces. Neutral colors such as white, black and pastels provide a touch of elegance and classic appeal.

Neutral wardrobe essentials to instantly elevate any look, to a clean, polished and modern luxury:

  • Crisp white blouse
  • Blush piece, a blouse or pencil/ tennis skirt
  • Black leather jacket
  • Heeled pumps in a nude color to elongate legs and add a classic touch to an outfit
  • Black/ white waist belt
  • White skinny jeans (find your perfect fit and rock it)
  • Elegant minimalistic jewelry

Keeping your canvas neutral will not only provide you with an easy polished base to start your outfits each day, but it will also provide simplicity in your dressing-up time, and time is money.

step three: Keep it minimalistic

A classic, polished look will always favor minimalism, in the sense that too much clutter can overpower key pieces in an outfit.

Just as we would contour our makeup to elevate out facial features, so too we would use minimalist dressing to highlight important pieces, such as a designer bag or floral blouse.

Try to choose one or two key pieces to highlight, such as a designer bag or a statement necklace, and keep the rest crisp and neutral. Don’t add too many layers to an outfit, as this can cause frumpiness.

Less is more.

How amazing does a white bodysuit, white skinny jeans, soft jewelry                                                                                                                       and belt go with neon pink stilettos, It looks lovely and so very posh.

step four: Timeless styles

They are timeless for a reason, they can make an outfit appear eternally chic and they will always be in style.

There a timeless styles which we visit time-and-again to add class to our everyday.

These include the little black dress, a classic ponytail or black clutch.

Visit timeless pieces and styles when you need inspiration for a polished look. To add some value, here a few of the favorites:

  • Little black dress

Keeping with this classic style, utilise a midi length for day and something shorter for nights out. Also play around with different dress styles such as bodycon, umpire or pleated skirts.

  • Crisp white blouse with a black pencil skirt

This classic can be updated by swapping the colors around to give the appearance of curvier hips, or you can interchange pastels with the white or black to add some fun to this classic style.

  • Red bombshell dress

Find the style and silhouette which suits you to feel like a billion bucks.

  • A feminine blouse with high-waisted pants

Another classic style, especially for work or formal events.

  • Trenchcoat/ winter coat over the shoulders

This design style is perfect for the colder months and can add polish to any look.

  • Any waisted belt

This small trick instantly makes any outfit look more feminine and classier.

  • Pearls

Pearl details on shoes, bags and clothing make pieces look very expensive, you can also stick to the classic pearl necklace as a throwback to the style icons of yesteryear.

step Five: Silhouette

When you are seeking to look polished, it is important to be aware of the silhouette that your outfit creates.

Feminine and sharp silhouettes are the most flattering,

and look expensive and high-class, because of the crisp and clean lines that are created.

Be aware of your silhouette, by managing any bulges, wearing well-tailored clothing and utilising body-shapers and/ or pantyhose to smooth out lines. Tuck in blouses underneath your hosiery to keep lines neat and fluid. The same goes for any element that detracts from the smooth lines which are crating your silhouette, tuck them away.

A trick that I personally use is to go through your outfit and smooth-out the seams, such as the seams of a pencil skirt, if it is all facing one direction, you will get a neater line, as opposed to it being wavy.

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step Six: Be yourself

We so often hear this statement, yet it feels as if we are receiving the wrong advice. How can I be myself? I am not polished or rich!

Being true to yourself will always help you to stand out and also to look more polished, because of the inner happiness it brings with it.

How so? Well simply put, there isn’t a tip in here that can replace confidence, and how it makes you look worlds better. Being yourself, loving who you are will build your confidence, because you are not trying to be the next version of someone else, but rather the best version of you.

Looking polished is after all about looking better, more stylish and more confident.

Please love yourself and all that you are, remember that you create yourself each morning and you should be fabulous and fiercely woman.

For some more insight into self-love and growth, please read this post.

I truly hope that you received some insight and motivation through this post, I live to help you.

Please ask as many questions as you want, I will be happy to assist.

P.S. Remember to love yourself and believe that you deserve the very best that life has to offer.

Kind regards



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